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Launch of the Swiss4 application
Press Release

Launch of the Swiss4 application, combining
financial services and lifestyle management


Geneva, April 17th 2024


  • New financial player in Switzerland with a FINMA fintech licence

  • Cutting-edge technological innovation developed and hosted in Switzerland

  • Top-of-the-range financial and lifestyle management services

Geneva - April 17th, 2024 - Swiss4, a financial player founded in Geneva in 2020, announces the launch of its application combining financial services and high-end lifestyle management services.

Entirely designed, developed and hosted in Switzerland, the app guarantees security and ease of use for its customers, deposits in CHF held with the Swiss National Bank (SNB). The multi-currency account (CHF, EUR, GBP, AED, and SGD), alongside the World Elite card, allows for everyday financial transactions worldwide without being impacted by significant currency exchange fees on these currencies. The application also includes a digital concierge service designed to provide customers with the best possible leisure and travel support. Swiss4 is distinguished by high service standards and accessibility, inherited from the tradition of Swiss private banking and dedicated to a broader clientele with a discerning level of expectations.

Founded in Geneva in 2020, Swiss4 is the first company in French-speaking Switzerland to have obtained a fintech licence from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Since its creation, the company has been developing a financial services application, making customer support as fluid, responsive and inspiring as possible. This application is now available all across Switzerland, combining payment and foreign exchange facilities, personalised lifestyle management services for organising leisure activities – travel, hospitality, gastronomy, access to prestigious cultural and sports events, recommendations for experiences, and private events for its members.

According to Zhina Asmaei, CEO and co-founder of Swiss4:

"We aim to enhance the client experience by offering a service model influenced by the traditional excellence of Swiss banking with cutting-edge digital innovation. We have designed it as an integrated financial ecosystem to support our customers and provide them access to exceptional lifestyle services."

The Swiss4 application targets mass affluent customers, i.e. people with bank balances of between CHF 50,000 and CHF 1 million.

Swiss4 is based on SwissCore, a technological infrastructure developed in-house to guarantee total independence and flexibility. Customers benefit from a multi-currency account, with funds held at the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and Swiss-Euro Clearing Bank. The platform enables domestic and international payments thanks to its integration with Swiss and European payment systems and the SWIFT network. As a principal member of Mastercard, Swiss4 is the first financial player in Switzerland to issue World Elite debit cards. On top of the autonomous management of its features through the app, this elegantly designed metal card offers its users many benefits, including a range of high-coverage insurance services.

Swiss4 also offers a digital concierge service, giving customers 24/7 global coverage, rapid chat response from dedicated agents, and access to premium experiences.

Zhina Asmaei said:

"Swiss4 transcends expectations by offering an experience that meets the diverse needs of a demanding customer base. Our digital concierge service reflects this commitment, where every interaction is designed to enrich our customers' lives beyond financial transactions."

Swiss4's pricing model is based on an entry annual membership of CHF 1’400. The membership decreases upon usage for the following years. Offering excellent value for money given the wide range of services provided. Swiss4 ensures that additional costs, such as transaction and exchange fees, are competitive, guaranteeing transparency for the users of its services.

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Founded in 2020, Swiss4 is a Swiss-based financial player focused on the development of digital financial solutions. The company has launched the development of its technological solution, Swiss Core, and has obtained a fintech licence from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), allowing it to operate as a financial institution. It has acquired a Mastercard principal member licence to issue its own payment cards. Swiss4 is licensed and regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) under Article 1b of the Swiss Federal Banking Act. It authorizes the company to act as a deposit-taking financial institution.

Swiss4 Mastercard debit card